Economic Analysis of Social Policy PDF Print

Y18–Economic Analysis of Social Policy

Tutor: Mary Geitona

Semester: 4th

ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

This course offers a comprehensive approach to the study of social policy analysis and focuses on the understanding and critical analysis of social policy formation/implementation. It encompasses issues relating to the theory and methods of social policy, today’s social policymaking and the evaluation of social policy.The analysis of each topic is tailored to fit international social policy approaches and acquaint students with the new social risks and phenomena, the various levels on which policy can be dealt with—from the interpersonal to institutional levels—as well as with issues relating to social justice, social inequalities and their impact on social policy.


The students are expected to be able to understand and critically analyse:
(a) Topics relating to economics and social policy.
(b) Economic analysis methodologies used in the field of social policy.
(c) Decision making and public policy planning.

Learning Outcomes:

Development of generic competences: understanding, critical analysis and comparison of the concepts and terms of social policy and economic analysis.


13 three-hour lectures.


Written examination.


Lytras A., Souliotis Κ. (2004) Social exclusion and globalization: social policy issues. Papazissis, Athens.
Venieris D. (2013 2nded) European Social Policy and Social Rights. Topos, Athens.
Υfantopoulos J., Balourdos G., Nikolopoulos J., (2009) Economic and Social dimensions of the welfare state. Gutenberg, Athens.