Evaluation of Schools and Educational Systems PDF Print

ΚEΠ3 - Evaluation of Schools and Educational Systems

Tutor: Despina Tsakiris

Semester: 6th
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

  • The content of the course includes the following topics:
  • Evaluation of educational activity: Socio-historical landmarks and conceptual determinations
  • Historical Approach to Supervision and Evaluation of the educational system of Greece
  • Accountability in education: conceptual clarification and challenges
  • Political approaches to education; accountability through the state-society-education relationship (liberal, Marxist approaches, approaches to the welfare state, pluralistic approaches).
  • The legitimacy of evaluation of schools and the political and social implications of the evaluation methods through configuration, processing and use of indicators.


  • Analysis of the role of evaluation of educational action (school unit and the educational system) through different policy approaches that address the state-society-education relationship.
  • Study of social and political challenges of the structure of the organization and implementation of the evaluation of educational activity.

Learning Outcomes:

After completion of the course students will be able:

  • To document the challenges of evaluating the educational activity in the political context.
  • To identify and document the differences in policy approaches concerning the role of the educational system in the modern state.
  • To document the role of evaluation in each of the policy approaches.
  • To identify the political and social challenges of the structure of the organization and implementation of the evaluation of educational activity (indicators, process indicators, use and disclosure).


13 three-hour meetings involving lectures and optional student presentations.


1.    One compulsory project. Presentation and critical analysis of a scientific article (proposed by the instructor or selected with the instructor’s consent). Recording of literature (10 references) relevant to the themes of the course.
2.    Written examination: Theme development or text annotation.


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