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Our Department serves noble purposes towards the common good. A fairer society with renowned citizens, a more harmonious balance of individual and social well-being. It promotes collective values and highlights the role of social rights. Applied rights to health, education, work or social security are the best way mankind has discovered to promote equality and fight inequality. These are the foundations ff the Department of Social and Education Policy as well as a source of differentiation from other academic departments. Policies to safeguard social rights is a key field of study. The link between economic development and social welfare is a key criterion for assessing these policies. The link between scientific knowledge and professional perspective is a fundamental responsibility to its students.

Our Department aims at the timely and fruitful completion of the students' studies. It Implements student-orients participatory processes, systematic pluralistic and bi-directional evaluations, incentives and rewards for excellence. It combines academic studies and the labour market systematically connecting learning outcomes with skills that have professional value and demand. It seeks extroversion, mobility and international visibility for continuous progress of its educational and research work.

Our Department embraces the synthesis of academic process and social responsibility. It cultivates an environment of solidarity, mutual respect, justice, meritocracy, equality, participation, critical thinking, social and ecological sensitivity. It links the promotion of knowledge and research in the scientific fields of Social and Education Policy. Social Policy is the fertile ground conducive to the development of Education Policy. Education Policy is the greenhouse that cultivates the values that pioneers Social Policy. Social and Education Policy is a co-serving of equality, freedom and social justice, co-influencing social well-being, appropriate conditions for social improvement and the vision for social change.