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ΚKΠ11- European Criminology

Tutor: Vassilis Karydis

ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

Adopting a comparative perspective, this course tackles contemporary European trends on drugs, violence, juvenile gangs, migration and marginalization, security and freedoms etc.

The course will be comprised of three units- sections, as follows:

  • The criminological problematique – main schools of criminological thought
  • The emergence and principles of Critical Criminology
  • From theory to practice: implementations of Critical Criminology


The central task of the course is identified with the study of the various criminological theories developed throughout the 20th century in Europe. Particular emphasis is put on the emergence and development of the current of critical criminology, revisited in the light of modern social challenges. In this context, the Department of Social and Educational Policy participates in the Network of "Critical Criminology and Criminal Justice in Europe", functioning in collaboration with the Universities of Athens, Hamburg, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Ghent and New York. Twice a year (October and May) a meeting is held in a different city, where staff members and students interact and reflect on various topics.

Learning Outcomes:

Students completing the course should be able to understand the reciprocal and interactive relations between criminology and society. Changes in theory that undergird changes in policy are themselves a product of transformations in society. Students attending the course are required to participate in the preparation of teamwork papers that will be presented in the common sessions of the Network. A basic knowledge of English is required.


13 three-hour lectures


Written or oral exams after the end of the course.Another 10% for the preparation/ presentation of papers on voluntary basis.


Karydis V. (2010), Visions of Social Control in Greece. Moral Panics, Criminal Justice, Sakkoulas.
Lazos G. (2007), Critical Criminology, Nomiki Vivliothiki, Athens.