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curriculum vitae


Professor Despina Karakatsani has studied History at the University of Athens (1989) and continued her studies in France. She obtained a PhD from the University of Paris 8-Saint Denis in Sciences of Education (1998). She has taught at the University of Crete (1998-2004) and at the University of Democritus (1998-1999). Since 2004 she works at the University of the Peloponnese at the Faculty of Social and Education Policy.


1. Teaching at the undergraduate level (Department of Social and Education Policy)

• Education of Migrants-Refugees and Minorities
• Policies of Child Welfare
• Introduction into the Science of Education
• Comparative Education and Educational Theory

2. Teaching at the postgraduate level

a) Social Discriminations-Migration and Citizenship:

• Citizenship and Education in the age of globalisation (with Y. Papadiamantaki)
• Education-social exclusion and inequalities

b) Institutions and Politics of Health

• History of Health and Welfare

c) Educational Policy and Administration (with Evi Papaloi)

• Educational Changes and Innovations

3. Teaching at the Open University of Greece

a) Postgraduate level: Multiculturalism and Social Discriminations
b) Undergraduate level: Institutions of creation of the European civilization


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Research Projects

1. 2008-2009: CiCe Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe με θέμα: Inclusive Europe: New Minorities.
2. 2008-2010: Comenius Project Based School Management
3. 2008-2010: Participative Citizenship –Grand from the Program Children’s Identity and Citizenship Education, CiCe (2008-2009)
4. 2008-2010 CICE Project- Participation at 2 Working Groups- Inclusive Europe and New Minorities (2008-2010)
5. 2009-2010: CiCe-Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe: Νew Minorities and Challenges for Education in Europe
6. 2010-2011: Participation in a Committee as expert at the Greek Pedagogical Institute for the Reform of Curricula in Civic Education Elaboration of new curricula for Citizenship Education and Guide for Teachers
7. 2012-2013: CiCe Group-Citizenship and identity-Democratic Participation and Social Cohesion
8. 2011-2014: Tempus Project QAPD-Enhancement of Quality Assurance System through Professional Development of Academic Leaders.
9. 2015-2018: Erasmus+ IMEP (Internationalization and Modernization of Education and Processes in the Higher Education of Uzbekistan).
10. 2017-2018: Erasmus+ Gr.A.C.E.: Greek German matchmaking for Active Citizenship Education in Youth Work.
11. 2017-2018: Erasmus+ STEPS Survival Toolkit for EDC in Post-factual Societies
12. 2018-2019: Erasmus+ SEMIFIT Seminars for Intercultural Trainers in Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education.
2018-2020: Erasmus+ TRACE KA2- “Traditional children’s stories for a common future”
• 2015-2019: Dean of the Department of Social and Education Policy-University of the Peloponnese
• 2015-2018: President of Cicea –Childrens’ Identity and Citizenship in Europe
• Responsible of the Pilot Project of Teacher Education on Freinet Pedagogy in the Peloponnese (Ministry of Education and Institute of Education Policy)

Main research interests

• History of pedagogical theories/ideas
• Citizenship-multiculturalism and education
• Alternative educational methods-innovations/Freinet pedagogy
• History of education sciences
• History of Child welfare in Greece/puericulture and Pedology.