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Curriculum Vitae


Manos Spyridakis is Professor of Social Anthropology. He teaches Anthropology of Work and Economic Anthropology in the Department of Social and Educational Policy at the University of the Peloponnese. He studied History and Archaeology in the University of Crete; he got his Master's degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Durham, and his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the Sussex European Institute in the University of Sussex, as a bursar of the State Scholarship Foundation. Also, he has been appointed a postdoctoral fellowship on Social Anthropology from the same Foundation. He has taught in secondary education as well as in the Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology, in the University of Thessaly and he is collaborative staff member in the Greek Open University. He is member of the editorial board of the journals, Ethnology and Utopia, member of the scientific secretariat of the journal, Social Cohesion and Development, co-editor (with C. Dermentzopoulos) of the ETEROTITES series, of Metaihmio publishers and deputy chair of the Commission of Urban Anthropology of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. He has edited collective volumes and translations. His research interests focus on employment relations and social policy, on the concept of space, on qualitative social research, on economic anthropology and on anthropology of health.


Curriculum Vitae


Selected Publications


Manos Spyridakis, 2013, The liminal worker. An ethnography of work, unemployment and precariousness in contemporary Greece, Farnham: Ashgate.

Manos Spyridakis, (2010). Work and Social Reproduction in the Shipbuilding Industry of Piraeus (Ergasia kai Koinoniki Anaparagogi sti Naupigepiskeuastiki Viomihania tou Peiraia) (Athens: Papazisis), (in Greek)

Manos Spyridakis, (2009). Power and Harassment at Work (Exousia kai Parenoxlisi stin Ergasia) (Athens: Dionikos), (in Greek).

Edited Journals

Manos Spyridakis, 2012, «Market vs Society. Human principles and economic rational in changing times», International Journal of Anthropology, vol. 27, n.3.

Emmanouil Spyridakis et Corine Vedrine, 2009, «Introduction» στο, Emmanouil Spyridakis et Corine Vedrine (eds), Anthropology of Policies and Ideology of Capitalism in the EU, En Cours, No 11, December.

Articles in International Journals

Minos Christos, Rekleiti Maria, Saridi Maria, Filippopoulou Theodora, Tzitzikos Georgios, Souliotis Kyriakos, Spyridakis Manos, 2013, «Factors affecting quality of life in end-stage renal disease patients on hemodialysis», Ελληνικό Περιοδικό της Νοσηλευτικής Επιστήμης, Vol.5, No.2, pp. 64-71.

Manos Spyridakis, 2012, «Being an Ex Worker: The Experience of Job Loss in a Tobacco Factory in Piraeus», Urbanities, Vol.2, No. 2. pp. 78-95.

Maria Koukouloudi-Manos Spyridakis, 2012, «Human embryonic stem cells as investment products in the modern healthcare market: a sociopolitical approach», International Journal of Anthropology, Vol. 27, No.3, pp. 149-166.

Manos Spyridakis, 2006, «The Political Economy of Labor Relations in the Context of Greek Shipbuilding: An Ethnographic Account», History and Anthropology, vol. 17, No 2, June, pp. 153-170.

Emmanouil Spyridakis et Corine Vedrine, 2009, «Introduction» in, Emmanouil Spyridakis et Corine Vedrine (eds), Anthropology of Policies and Ideology of Capitalism in the EU, En Cours, No 11, December, pp. 1-6.

Participation in Edited Volumes

Manos Spyridakis, 2013, «Cosmopolitan possibilities and ethnographic realities in the workplace: The case of struggling employees in the mass media sector», in, A.Marinopoulou (ed) Cosmopolitan Modernity, Berlin: Peter Lang.

Manos Spyridakis, 2013, «Employment precariousness and social reproduction in the shipbuilding industry of Piraeus», στο, S.Narotzky – V. Goddard (eds) Work and livelihoods-History, ethnography and models in times of crisis, London: Routledge, (in press).

Manos Spyridakis, 2010, «Between Structure and Action: Contested Legitimacies and Labour Processes in the Piraeus», in, Italo Pardo and Giuliana Prato,(eds) Citizenship and the Legitimacy of Governance: Anthropology in the Mediterranean Region, London: Ashgate, pp. 153-170.