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ΚKΠ9- Social Protection Institutions

Tutor: Kyriakos Souliotis

Semester: 5th
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

The course focuses on the principles guiding the organization and management of social insurance, health and social welfare systems in Greece, taking into account the specific features of the Greek welfare model. In particular, the course offers analysis of the constitutional consolidation of those three systems (social insurance, health and welfare), examines critically the reforms which have taken place during the last five years and evaluates the proposals for further interventions in the institutional organization of the social security system.


  • To offer an analysis of the institutional development of the social security system
  • To elaborate on the definition and delineation of social insurance as a legal entitlement
  • To familiarise students with the administrative structure of social security, health and socialwelfare

Learning Outcomes:

Students shall acquire the skills to engage in comprehensive, comparative analysis and use ofthe mechanisms governing the institutional dimensions of social policy.


13 three-hour lectures


Written exams


Contiades X. (2008), Introduction to Social Administration and Social Security Institutions, Papazissis, Athens
Contiades X. / Souliotis K. (2010), Health Policies and Institutions, Papazissis, Athens