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In Spring semester 2016-17 the Department Assembly decided the establishment of Specialisations in Education Policy and Social Policy, which are to be specified in the Degree Certificate (Ptychio), beginning in academic year 2017-18.

The undergraduate program of study is divided into two cycles of four semesters each. The first cycle is common to all students and the core compulsory courses taught relate to both Specialisations. Students select Specialisation in the beginning of the fifth semester when the second two-year cycle begins, comprising core elective courses on subjects of each of the two Specialisations.

The Programme of Study comprises courses belonging to three categories:

The first category consists of Core Compulsory courses (Y) with a total of 104 ECTS credits(in the current Programme of Study corresponding to 22 courses)

The second category consists of Core Elective courses (YK) compulsory for each of the two specialisations. In the current Programme each Specialisation comprises 13 Core Elective courses corresponding to 68 ECTS credits.

The third category includes Free Elective (EE) courses through which students are required to accumulate 30 ECTS credits. Students may select as Free Electives any Core Elective Courses from the Specialisation that is not their own.
Students are required to successfully complete all Core Compulsory and Core Elective courses, In case of failure in examinations these courses cannot be replaced by other courses.

Free Elective courses offer students the possibility to acquire knowledge in subjects of their personal interest. In case of failure in a Free Elective course students may re-take the course or replace it with another Free Elective course..

The Programme of Study also includes the following compulsory components:

  • Four English Language courses, each one of which is a prerequisite for the next one, taught during the first four semesters and corresponding to a total of 8 ECTS credits.
  • the Internship Programme/Practicum (or Research Design in the case of already empoyed students), undertaken in the 8th semester, corresponding to 15 ECTS credits.the Department offers students the option to undertake a Dissertation corresponding to 15 ECTS credits in the 8th semester. Alternatively, students may complete Free Elective Courses or Core Elective Courses other than those of their own Specialisation, corresponding to a total of 15 ECTS credits.

Requirements for graduation correspond to a total of 240 ECTS credits, as is the norm for 4 year Programmes of Study in the European Higher Education Area.