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Maria Nikolakaki is a critical theorist, a pedagogue, and expert on teaching and education studies. She studied primary and pre-school education, post-graduate studies in research methodology and comparative education, Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction at the University of Athens. Nikolakaki was honored with two post-docs, one at the University of London and one at the University of Athens and was honorary fellow at the University of Wisconsin. Nikolakaki is Assistant Professor of Pedagogy and Education at the University of Peloponnese. She has published extensively in the areas of neoliberalism and critical pedagogy, mathematics education, citizenship education, and lifelong learning. Her publications include: Critical Pedagogy in the New Dark Ages (ed),The modernization of mathematics education in Greek Primary schools, The myth and the reality of Greek education: Cross-curricularity and teamwork teaching in  schools, Globalization, Technology and Paideia in the New Cosmpolis (ed), Towards a School for all: cross-curricularity and inclusion in Greek Primary Schools (ed). Education of the Pre-school Age.

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