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Dr Kostas Dimopoulos
Professor of Learning Materials

Department of Social and Educational Policy
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Peloponnese
Damaskinou and Kolokotroni str,
Korinthos, 20100

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: +271410-74986, Fax: +271410-74991
Mobile: +30-6974850831


Short Curriculum Vitae

Dr Kostas Dimopoulos is Professor of Learning Materials in the Dept. of Social and Educational Policy (University of Peloponnese). He also teaches Education Research Methods in the Hellenic Open University while in the period 2011-2012 he has served as vice president of the Institute of Education Policy (national agency supervised by the Ministry of Education responsible for education planning in primary and secondary education). His current research interests concern the analysis of learning materials and education programs of various forms and levels, as well as understanding how the Greek school works under the current socio-political circumstances. He has written ninety one articles and conference papers, as well as two books on these issues. Among the international journals he has published are: International Journal of Science Education, Public Understanding of Science, Science Education, Science Communication, Research in Science Education, International Journal of Learning, Journal of Science Education and Technology, Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, Educational Studies, Semiotica, European Health Psychologist, International Journal of Leadership in Education, BMC Public Health, Leadership & Policy in Schools, The Curriculum Jounal. His published worked has been cited by hundreds of peers from forty eight different countries around the world. Finally Prof. Dimopopulos has participated (as member of the working group or as coordinator) in fifteen national and seventeen European R&D projects while since 2008 he is a member of the International Evaluation Panel in the area of Education Studies of FCT (Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia) supervised by the Portuguese Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Recent international publications

• Anagnostopoulou, K., Hatzinikita, V., Christidou, V. & Dimopoulos, K. (2013). PISA Test Items and School Based Examinations in Greece: Exploring the Relationship between Global and Local Assessment Discourses. International Journal of Science Education, 35(4), 636-662.

• Anyfandi, G., Koulaidis, V., & Dimopoulos, K. (2014). A Socio-Semiotic Framework for the Analysis of Exhibits in a Science Museum. Semiotica, 200: 229-254.

• Karamanidou, C., & Dimopoulos, C. (2014). Knowledge, Attitudes and Communication Preferences of Different Segments of the Greek Public With Regards to Cervical Cancer and the hpv Vaccine. European Health Psychologist, 16(S), 507.

• Dimopoulos, K., Dalkavouki, K. & Koulaidis, V. (2015). Job Realities of Primary School Principals in Greece: Similarities and Variations in a highly centralized system. International Journal of Leadership in Education, 18(2), 197-224.

• Lehmkuhl, M., Boyadjeva, P., Cunningham, Y., Karamanidou, C., Tuomo, M., & Dimopoulos, K. (as member of AVSA team) (2016). Audience reach of science on television in 10 European countries: An analysis of people-meter data. Public Understanding of Science, 25(2), 223-235.

• Karamanidou, C., & Dimopoulos, K. (2016). Greek health professionals’ perceptions of the HPV vaccine, state policy recommendations and their own role with regards to communication of relevant health information. BMC public health, 16(1), 1.

• Dimopoulos, K., & Tsami, M. (2017). Greek Primary School Websites: The Construction of Institutional Identities in a Highly Centralized System. Leadership and Policy in Schools, 1-25.

• Sagiannis, S., & Dimopoulos, K. (2018). Greek primary school teachers’ awareness of the special features of scientific language: implications for science curricula and teachers’ professional development. The Curriculum Journal, 1-19.

Curriculum Vitae