EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS AND MATERIALS: Formal, Informal and Distance Learning (Conventional and e-Learning forms) PDF Print



 COURSE: EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS AND MATERIALS: Formal, Informal and Distance Learning (Conventional and e-Learning forms)


A’ Program Description

The subject area “Educational Programs and Materials: Formal, In-formal and Distance Learning” of the Postgraduate Program, aims at providing in depth understanding of the scientific fields concerned with current forms of education, namely formal, informal, non-formal and distance education, which are currently at the centre of attention internationally. Emphasis is given on educational programs design and materials development, as well as on digital technologies and e-Learning. The approaches vary. Some courses are predominantly theoretical and research orientated while others focus on practical applications in different educational contexts, and the formulation of educational policies.
The content of the program of study combines high quality education in theoretical and methodological issues in the particular area of education research with the application of knowledge in the design of educational programs and the formulation of policies. This is achieved through the careful choice of a wide spectrum of topics that are structured along the following axes:

  • Educational Programs Design
  • Teaching and Learning Materials
  • Sociology of Educational Knowledge
  • ICT in Education and e-Learning
  • New Forms of Education
  • Educational Research Methods
  • Evaluation in Education

In this framework, the Postgraduate Progam “Educational Programs and Materials: Formal, In-formal and Distance Learning” aims at offering specialization to postgraduate students, providing them with knowledge and analytical and methodological tools to help them develop their professional career within this scientific field.
The program is addressed to practicing teachers working in primary and secondary schools, prospective teachers, teachers and trainers in adult learning programs, trainers in teacher development and in-service courses, professionals involved in the design of educational programs in agencies in the public and private sector, and those interested in producing learning materials of printed and e-Learning forms.


B’ Course Description

Sociology of knowledge and educational practices

Lecturer- co-ordinator: Anna Tsatsaroni

Sociology of Educational Knowledge: The theories and the problematic of educational practices

Sociology of educational knowledge and education policy: Educational policies and pedagogic identities

Educational Programs and Materials

Lecturer-co-ordinator: Kostas Dimopoulos

Educational Programs and Materials I

Educational Programs and Materials II

Information and Communication Technologies in Education (e-Learning)

Lecturer-co-ordinator: Athanassios Jimoyiannis

ICT in Education (e-Learning Ι)

e-Learning and Distance Learning (e-Learning ΙI)

New types of education (informal, non-formal and adult education, life-long and distance learning)

Lecturer-co-ordinator: George Bagakis

New types of education I

New types of education II

Analysis, design and development of evaluation procedures

Lecturer-co-ordinator: Despina Tsakiris

Evaluation practices and educational programs

Lecturer-co-ordinator: Despina Tsakiris

Educational Research I

Lecturer- co-ordinator: Athanassios Katsis

Educational Research IΙ

Co-ordinators: Athanassios Jimoyiannis, Despina Tsakiris