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Y24 - Statistical Data Analysis

Tutor: Athanassios Katsis

Semester: 3rd


Short Description:

This course covers the most important aspects of statistical data analysis in social sciences. More specifically, the course discusses t-test, non-parametric tests, correlation and regression analysis, categorical data analysis (X2) and multivariate techniques as well as applications through the SPSS software. No rigorous mathematical or statistical background is needed since the emphasis is on applications and presentation of the analysis.


Upon completion of the course the student will be able:
(a) To know the basic ideas of Descriptive Statistics
(b) To choose and employ the appropriate technique of Inferential Statistics
(c) To interpret the research findings
(d) To know the fundamental commands of SPSS

Learning Outcomes:

  • Developing skills regarding designing, analyzing and comparing data and findings in quantitative social science research
  • Developing skills in using SPSS


13 three-hour lectures and 13 three-hour lab sessions.


Written assignments on real data. Students analyze a real data set and present their research findings.


Katsis, A. Sideridis, G. and Emvalotis, A. (2010) Statistical methods in Social Sciences, Athens: Topos
Roussos, P. and Tsaousis, I. (2011). Statistics in behavioural sciences with the use of SPSS, Athens: Topos