Health Economics & Economic Evaluation in Healthcare PDF Print

ΚKΠ13 - Health Economics & Economic Evaluation in Healthcare

Tutor: Mary Geitona

Semester: 7th
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

This course is designed to introduce students in the field of health economics, emphasising the institutional, economic, political and social role of healthcare systems.The healthcare market is presented in detail and compared to the free market principles whose macro and micro effects are discussed. Detailed and comparative discussion on the Greek NHS and its sources of funding. Emphasis is placed on the management and the socioeconomic evaluation of healthcare programs.


The students are expected to be able to understand and critically analyse:
(a) topicsrelating to the social and economic dimension of health and healthcare.
(b) terms and theoretical approaches in the field of health economics and socioeconomic evaluation.
(c) problems and inefficiencies relating to the NHS institutional role, its structure and financing mechanisms.
(d). methods and techniques relating to health decision making as well as health policy planning.

Learning Outcomes:

Development of generic competences: understanding, critical analysis and comparison of basic concepts in the field of health economics.
Knowledge and development of basic skills relating to the methods of socio-economic evaluation of healthcare programs.


13 three-hour lectures.


Written examination.


Drummond H, O’ Brien B, Stoddart G, Torrance G (2002). Methods for the evaluation of healthcare programmes. Kritiki, Athens.
Geitona M (2012, 2nd ed.): Health Technology Assessment: Pharmaco-economics and Decision Making. University of Thessaly, Volos.
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