Organisations and Bureaucracy PDF Print

ΚKΠ14 - Organisations and Bureaucracy

Tutor: Manos Spyridakis

Semester: 6th
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

The course is about the synthetic and critical exploration of organizational theories in the 20th century and their relation to anthropological and sociological theory. It also attempts to study the organizational phenomenon by widening its theoretical approach and examining how organizations are structured as bureaucratic-administrative institutions.


  • Understanding of organizational theories
  • Familiarization with the bureaucratic phenomenon
  • Understanding of decision-making

Learning Outcomes:

  • Competence in theoretical analysis
  • Competence in interpretation of organizational forms
  • Competence in analyzing organizational culture


13 three-hour lectures


Written examination at the end of the semester.


Ν. Mouzelis, (2009), Organisation and Bureauocracy; An analysis of contemporary theories, Athens: Sakkoulas.
Μ. Spyridakis, (2009), Power and Harassment in the Workplace, Athens: Dionikos