Legal Status of Foreigners, Migrants and Minorities PDF Print

ΕΕ5–Legal Status of Foreigners, Migrants and Minorities

Tutor: Michael Fefes

Semester: 7th
ECTS: 4,5

Short Description:

The subject of this course is the study of the evolution of the legislative system for foreigners as well as of the migrative policy, as it has been formed by European Union policies. Furthermore, the contribution of Law on Foreigners in the formulation of social policies is also examined.


The course aims to provide the students with a clear understanding of the legislative system of Law on Foreigners at the national and European level, and the basic axes used in the formulation of a migration policy.

Learning Outcomes:

Students are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the evolution of migration policy through a comparative approach, after studying the application of these policies in the European Union.


13 three-hour lectures



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Papatheodorou Th, (2010) Legal Status of Foreigners, Nomiki Vivliothiki, Athens.