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Ε16 - Comparative Analysis of Social Policy Systems

Tutor: Dimitris Venieris

Semester: 8th
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

This course consists of lectures, workshops and student presentations. The first part of each seminar includes a teacher’s lecture on the theory of Social Security and the second a student presentation on a selected national social security system with the focus upon social insurance, healthcare protection, social assistance and the labour market. The course discusses issues of quality and eligibility of social provision, social expenditure, theimpact of redistribution, demographic and financial trends, pension systems, etc.


The aim of this course is to help students understand basic concepts, different theoretical approaches and major questions in reference with Social Security and the ways it is implemented in different countries, including the major institutional, financial and provision aspects of the systems under examination. Students are expected to understand these issues and make presentations in reference with a specific national social security system.

Learning Outcomes:

Students are expected to familiarisethemselves with the evolution, development and impact of Social Security in a wide range of issues and to:

  • understandthe key issues of Social Security theory
  • acknowledge the contribution of comparative analysis in the study of Social Policy
  • understand and critically/comparatively assess different national social security approaches and compare the impact of these approaches in reference with the aims of Social Policy
  • acknowledge the current problems/challenges of Social Security systems all over the world


13 three-hour lectures


Students will be evaluated on the basis of a written examination at the end of the semester (70%) and a report/presentation undertaken during the semester (30%).
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