Presentation and Analysis of Social and Educational Policy Institutions PDF Print

ΕΕ19 - Presentation and Analysis of Social and Educational Policy Institutions

Tutor: Panagiotis Theodorikakos

Semester: 4th
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

Description and analysis of social and educational policy. The analysis is done at the level of central government and regional governments, based on all recent institutional changes. The exercise of social and educational policy of these stakeholders is examined in the light of the current socio-economic conditions in the country.


This course aims for students to understand the operational framework through which the work of social and educational policy is carried out and acquire the ability of conducting their own scientific research to analyze the social and educational policies of the state and the social actors

Learning Outcomes:

Introduction to research, literature review, assessing information, discussion guide for qualitative research, questionnaire design. Developing the skills for scientific work and presentation.


13 three-hour meetings.


Written examination. Research project selected in consultation with the instructor on social policy actions by specific local government agencies. This work is presented publicly and represents 30 % of the final grade.


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