Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management PDF Print

ΕΕ20 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Tutor: AlkistisPapaioannou

Semester: 5th / 7th
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

This course examines the basic theoretical foundations of entrepreneurship and in particular, how an SME is created and operates effectively in the international environment. This course will also focus on the values of entrepreneurial spirit and inspire the participants for entrepreneurial work. Case studies and best practices regarding entrepreneurship will be presented.


To familiarise students with the reality of modern companies or enterprises (particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises) and the modern management tools, so as to gain practical experience in designing business plans.
To help students understand business activity, which contributes to the improvement of the efficiency of those who will later on plan policies for the economy or work in services providing infrastructure or services to businesses.
The training of students on the procedures required for the conception and the successful implementation of a business idea and the start of a new business.

Learning Outcomes:

The participants will learn how to develop, implement and evaluate Business Plans, marketing plans and financial plans for a SME.
The enrichment of knowledge and skills of students with specific knowledge of entrepreneurship in order to be able to undertake successful business operations.


13 three-hour meetings.

Teamwork in the classroom (compulsory) 20%
Development and presentation of a business plan (compulsory) 70%
Participation in the courses (compulsory) 10%


Kriemadis, A. (2012). Entrepreneurship for SMEs. Athens: Nomiki Bibliothiki.
Tutor’s Notes.