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ΕΕ21- Development of New Products and Services

Tutor: Alkistis Papaioannou

Semester: 6th / 8th
ECTS: 4,5

Short Description:

This course introduces the student to the importance of New Product/Service Development (NPD/NSD) for businesses, the types of new products/services available and the way new product/service portfolios are managed, the NPD/NSD strategies firms follow, the NPD/NSD models they use, as well as to the challenges of managing the NPD/NSD process and the reasons for success and failure of new products/services. Case studies and best practices regarding New Product/Service Development (NPD/NSD) will be presented.


To provide students with basic knowledge for the development of successful products, and to develop marketing skills in order to be able to promote products and services and to investigate, analyze, assess the present and future needs of the market in order to contribute to the design of new products and services and the improvement of the existing new products and services.

Learning Outcomes:

The course is designed with a view to enrich students’ knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, focused on the creation of a new product or a (new) service following the sequence of intermediate actions: Marketing research, design and evaluation of idea, design of the new product, production and quality evaluation of the product, promotion of the new product on the market: price-fixing, advertising, etc.


13 three-hour meetings.


Team work in the classroom (compulsory) 20%
Development and presentation of a new product/service development plan (compulsory) 70%
Participation in the courses (compulsory) 10%


Kriemadis, A. (2012). Innovation for SMEs,  Athens: Nomiki Bibliothiki
Tutor’s Notes.