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Y6- State Organization

Tutor: Xenophon Contiades

Semester: 3rd

ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

The course provides an analysis of the organization and key functions of the state. Emphasis is placed on the examination of the set of fundamental rules established by the Constitution, including the character of the polity, the allocation of powers and the function of different departments of government and also on the structure, function and control of public administration.


The aim of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the basic concepts of Constitutional Law and Political Science, the emergence and operation of the direct rule system, the structure, function and control of public administration. Students will explore fundamental concepts of constitutional theory and political science (constitution, state, power, political system) as well as of the role of political parties, media and civil society in modern pluralist democracies.

Learning Outcomes:

Students should develop skills that will allow them to understand and compare public policiesand employ the toolkit necessary for their design, implementation, control and evaluation, with special focus on educational and social policy. In addition, students shall developresearch skills and the ability to collect information and write short reports and essays.


13 three-hour lectures.


Written exams


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