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Y21 - Individual and Social Rights

Tutor: Xenophon Contiades

Semester: 4th

ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

The course provides an analysis of the system of fundamental rights protection established by the Greek Constitution. In addition, it aims to provide an understanding of the fundamental rights established by international treaties ratified by Greece and the EU legislation. Individual rights provide an area of self-determination free from state interference, while social rights correspond to the obligation of the state to take positive measures towards their fulfilment. In a first, general, part, the course introduces the student to the methodology of constitutional interpretation. Emphasis is placed on issues such as the historical evolution of fundamental rights, the traditional classification of rights into individual, political and social rights, their normative content, rights holders and duty bearers, and the notion of permissible limitations of constitutional rights. The second part of the course deals with specific rights safeguarded by the Greek Constitution. In that context, the Greek constitutional jurisprudence is analysed and specific examples of rights violations and court rulings finding legislative measures unconstitutional are approached.


  • To provide a comprehensive analysis of the structure and function of applicable constitutional provisions
  • To familiarise students with the interpretation of civil and social rights through the use of specific examples
  • To place special emphasis on the theory and practice of those social rights whose enshrinement provides the constitutional framework for the structures of Social Administration and the implementation of social policy
  • To focus on the constitutional framework guaranteeing the right to education and the autonomy of higher education institutions

Learning Outcomes:

Students should acquire the ability to understand individual and social rights theory and practice and to engage in comparative analysis in such ways as to connect the theoryto the design and implementation of social and educational policy.


13 three-hour lectures


Written exams


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