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The Department introduced a Personal Tutor system in academic year 2017-18. Every undergraduate student has a Personal Tutor, an academic staff member who provides academic guidance and support. In the beginning of each academic year first year students are each assigned a Personal Tutor on an alphabetical order basis. Students are also informed about their Personal Tutor's office hours and communication details. Since the Department is currently in the process of the establishment of Specialisations, towards the end of the academic year 2018-2019 the Assembly will consider the possibity of Personal Tutor re-assignments after students have selected Specialisation.

Personal Tutors help students successfully complete their studies in the most rational and efficient way and they help address any concerns or problems that may arise affecting the students' studies. Personal Tutors advise students as regards the optimal order in which to take courses in order to better organise their personal programme of studies thus minimising failure and maximising academic performance. They also support students in making the best choices as regards Specialisation and particular courses depending on the students' individual interests, skills and capabilities.

Students may discuss with their Personal Tutors any academic issues or even issues of a more personal nature that may trouble them or may be affecting their studies, while the Personal Tutors will make all possible effort to provide or suggest solutions to the issues at hand.

Students regularly meet with their Personal Tutor twice each semester at appointments set by their Personal Tutor: once during the time when students select courses and a second time after the students' grades have been announced. In this second meeting the students' performance and progress during the previous semester is discussed and appraised. There may also be unscheduled, extra meetings when it is deemed necessary or if it is requested by the Personal Tutor, in order to address issues of major importance. Students may contact their Personal Tutor at any time during the semester. The content of discussions between students and their Personal Tutors is confidential while the students' personal data are protected by the Personal Tutor.

In case an academic staff member is absent for a long stretch of time (e.g. due to sabbatical, leave of absence, health issues, etc.) the Secretariat assigns in his/her place a new Personal Tutor.

In exceptional cases students may request a change of Personal Tutor, explaining the reasons to the Department Head. The possibility of satisfying such a request depends on the case.