State Policies and Local Government Print

ΕΕ4 - State Policies and Local Government

Tutor: Xenophon Contiades, T. Theodorikakos

Semester: 3rd
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

Changes in the modern institutional framework that defines the actions of local government with emphasis in Social Policy.Analysis of the content and responsibilities of both first-degree and Regional Authorities. Record and analyze the framework and possibilities for social policy actors. Explore new policies and the programs and actions of local government agencies in the social sector during the economic crisis


The aim of the course is that students acquire and consolidate the capacity of creative communication and cooperation with Local Authorities, through applied research for social policy programs. Also, the course aims for students to gain the ability to define indicators for assessing pilot social policies by Local Authorities

Learning Outcomes:

Introduction to research, literature review, assessing information, discussion guide for qualitative research, questionnaire design. Developing the skillsfor scientific work and presentation.


13 three-hour meetings.


Written examination. Research project selected in consultation with theinstructoron social policy actions byspecific local government agencies. This work is presented publicly and represents 30 % of the final grade.


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