European Education Policies Print

Y11 - European Education Policies

Tutor: Yiouli Papadiamantaki

Semester: 3rd

ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

Introductory course that presents and analyses European education policies over 3 periods.
(a) From the inception of the EU till the Maastricht Treaty
(b) From Maastricht Treaty to Lisbon Treaty
(c) From the launch of the Lisbon Strategy to date, with the emphasis on the creation ofthe European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area.

The course presents the axes of European programmes relating to education, the way European policies are formulated and the direct and indirect ways in which EU policy affects national policies. The course analyses the content of core EU policy concepts such as “knowledge society”, the European dimension in education, globalisation and Europeanisation, EU Citizen.


Students are expected to be able to understand and critically analyse:
(a) The aims of EU policies for education and training and the way these policies are formulated.
(b) The values reflected in EU education policy and the way these are incorporated in European (higher) education systems.
(c) The effect of EU education and training policies on the Greek education system

Learning Outcomes:

  • Development of generic competences: understanding, critical analysis and comparison of basic concepts.
  • Development of basic skills (IT skills, use of PowerPoint, organisation and presentation of information). Development of writing skills/composition


13 three-hour lectures.


Written examination which comprises two open questions, multiple choice questions and true-false questions. The students may improve their final grade by up to 20% through an optional written assignment of 2500 words max.


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Stamelos, G. and Vassilopoulos, Α. (2004) European Education Policy, Metaichmio, Αthens.
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European Policy Documents