Management of Social Services Print

ΚKΠ5– Management of Social Services

Tutor: Mary Geitona

Semester: 6th
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

The course offers in-depth analysis of management in the public sector focusing on aspects such as:

  • Public sector
  • Social services
  • Local authorities
  • NGOs

The basic functions of management are presented in detail, emphasizing the alternative international management models. The course has been designed around the discussion on the common issues which public sector managers face the world over: improving efficiency and effectiveness in situations of scarce resources and rising public expectations.


The students are expected to be able to understand and critically analyse:
(a) topics relating to the principles of management.
(b) functions of management applied in the public and private sector.
(c) the management dynamics affecting the demand- and supply-side of social services.
(d) the managerial and financial inefficiencies in public organizations and the reasoning behind them.

Learning Outcomes:

Development of generic competences: understanding, critical analysis and comparison of the concepts and principles of management applied in the public and private sector.
Knowledge and development of basic skills relating to the profession, the role and the responsibilities of a manager in the public and private sector.


13 three-hour lectures.


Written examination.


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Stathopoulos P. (2012) Organization and Management of social services, Papazissis, Athens