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ΚEΠ13 - Adult Education

Tutor: George Bagakis

Semester: 5th
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

The course focuses on the introduction of students to the theory and praxis of Adult Education. Within this framework it will be based on the following:Conceptualization and relation of Adult Education with Continuing Education, Lifelong Education and Lifelong Learning. The course deals also with adult learning, adult teaching and adult learning groups. Additionally, the course examines fundamental elements of adult programme planning and development.


  • To familiarise students with the traits of the adult education framework
  • To comprehend the differences between adult education and formal or other forms of education
  • To comprehend the traits of the processes of learning in adult education
  • To understand the formulation of objectives in a programme of adult education
  • To comprehend the function of adult learning groups

Learning Outcomes:

After the end of the course students should:

  • Have acquired the basic introductory knowledge for the field of adult education
  • Have the ability to define the field of adult education
  • Have the ability to handle fundamental issues relating to adult education
  • Have the ability to comprehend the elements in a programme of adult education


The course is realised in 13 meetings of 3 hours. The teaching techniques employed include lectures, focused discussion, brainstorming, work in small groups, case studies. Worksheets and electronic media are also used.


The assessment is based on written final exams as well as on optional assignments presented by the students.


Jarvis, P. (2007) Twentieth Century Thinkers in Adult Education, Metaichmio, Athens.
Rogers, A. (1999) Adult Education, Metaichmio, Athens.
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