Social Anthropology of Work Print

ΚKΠ2 - Social Anthropology of Work

Tutor: Manos Spyridakis

Semester: 6th
ECTS: 4.5

Short Description:

The course examines the form and structure of social relationships that arise during the process of production, distribution and exchange in the present and the past, within the Western and non Western worlds. It examines all forms of work combined with the analysis of their cultural and social dimensions, which are crucial for the process of social reproduction. Also, it examines the concept of work from an anthropological point of view with the respective methods and theory


  • Understanding of basic concepts of Social Anthropology
  • In-depth analysis of the notion of work
  • Understanding of the social and cultural aspects of work

Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to interpret labour relations
  • Ability to analyze the social relations of production
  • Ability for comparative analysis


13 three-hour lectures


Written exams


Ch. Karakioulafi -Μ. Spyridakis, (eds), (2010), Labour and Society, Athens: Dionikos
Μ. Spyridakis, (2010), Labour and Social Reproduction in the Shipbuilding Industry of Piraeus, Athens:  Papazissis
Μ. Spyridakis, (ed.), (2013), Unemployment and Job Insecurity; Aspects of a persistent risk, Athens: Alexandria