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1. Structure

The research policy of the Department of Social and Education Policy has evolved in its fifteen-year history in various fields of Social Policy and Education Policy. The main objective is to promote scientific knowledge through research, interdisciplinary and collaborative development. The attractiveness and visibility of a Department is highly dependent on its research strategy.

In this direction the Department has developed, especially in recent years, remarkable research activity, which covers a wide range of cognitive subjects and research areas of Social Policy and Education Policy.

The support of the research activity of the Department is achieved through the established Laboratory of Social and Education Policy Studies as well as of established research units, namely:

  • Unit of Analysis, Design and Implementation of Educational Programs
  • Unit of Methodology, Policies & Practices
  • ELearning Team (

In addition, it has been approved by the Assembly of the Department the foundation of the Laboratory for Evaluation of Policies for Public Health and Health Technologies.

As part of its research activity, the Department of Social and Education Policy has developed collaborations with an extensive network of universities, research centres and other public and private bodies, both from Greece and from abroad. It collaborates with renowned scientists and offers opportunities to young researchers.

2. Research fields

The research work of the Department is distinguished by its interdisciplinarity and pluralism, the creation of links between teaching and research and the emergence of the Social and Education Policy interface as reflected in Program of Studies.

The research activity of the Department is highlighted through the research production of the faculty members and the scientific collaborators of the Department, as evidenced upon by a) the publications in international journals, volumes and conferences with judges, b) The implementation of competitive research-development projects funded by European and national Resources and C) parallel scientific-research actions and synergies with other academic institutions and social institutions.

The research policy of the Department focuses, among others, on the following scientific-research fields:

  • Social Policy (historical, institutional, political, anthropological approach-national, supranational, comparative dimension)
  • Social Policies (poverty, inequality, social discrimination, employment, labour relations, immigration).
  • Organisation, administration and evaluation of health policies and services
  • Education policies for school education and evaluation, higher education and lifelong learning
  • Educational Design (Curricula, educational material, digital technologies in education).
  • E-learning and Distance Learning
  • Professional development and adult education.

3. Research Policy main actions

The Research policy of the Department is implemented through the following actions:

  • Upholding a strong level of basic and applied research
  • Coordinating and/or participating in research projects
  • Linking research with teaching
  • Coordinating and/or participating in research networks
  • Dissemination of the research work
  • Abiding by the University’s Research Ethics Regulations and by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)