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(Full text in Greek -  summary in Student Handbook)

Internship/Practicum (or - if Internship is not possible - Research Design) is a compulsory component of the study Programme. Through internships 8th semester students work in public, private or third sector organisations etc. for three months. Coordination of Internships is performed through ATLAS, the Ministry of Education information system, as well as the Internship/Practicum information system of the University of the Peloponnese.

  • Employers publicise internship openings on the ATLAS website
  • Students apply for the positions they are interested in through the University Internship information system and supply promptly all required documentation.
  • Students are appointed on the basis of successfully completed compulsory courses. In case of a draw the position is assigned to the student with the higher grade point average (GPA) in compulsory courses.
  • Employer selection is done by the students themselves and is approved by the 3-member Internship Committee.
  • Employers may request an interview with the student(s), set selection criteria and choose among the applicants the ones they will employ.
  • When Internships are completed students are evaluated by their employers and assigned a grade by their Internship supervisor.

Internships/Practicums abide by the Internship/Practicum Regulation available at Internship/Practicum administration is performed through

Research Designs are undertaken by students who are not in a position to do an Internship (employed students, etc). Research Designs are suggested by the Academic Staff members and approved by the Department Assembly in the beginning of each semester. Students select a Research Design within the deadline set by the Assembly. The process is completed when supervisors submit to the Secretariat the students' grades together with the students' assignments in order for them to be deposited in the Department Library.