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Incoming Erasmus students may follow the following courses which are offered in the English language. Details concerning the content of courses may be found in the Student Handbook and Course Catalogue of the Faculty (pdf).

courses in English 2016-2017





European Union: Structure and Institutions, M.Fefes,
1st Semester - 4 ECTS
2nd Principles for the Analysis and Design of Educational Programs, K. Dimopoulos 3rd Semester - 4 ECTS
3rd Semester – 5 ECTS
Qualitative Research Methods, M. Spyridakis,
1rd Semester - 4 ECTS
4th Semester - 4 ECTS
4th Semester - 4 ECTS
Higher Education Policies, Y. Papadiamantaki,
5th Semester - 4 ECTS
6th Semester - 4 ECTS
6th Semester - 4 ECTS
6th Semester - 4 ECTS
6th Semester - 4 ECTS
6th Semester - 4 ECTS
6th Semester - 4 ECTS
Social Economy , M. Fefes,
6th Semester - 4 ECTS
ICT in Education,  Α. Jimoyiannis,
6th Semester - 4 ECTS
4th Education Policy and Employment Policies, Α.Feronas, Y. Papadiamantaki, 7th Semester - 4 ECTS
Social Exclusion and Policies of Social Integration, A. Feronas, 7th Semester - 4 ECTS
Fundamental Freedoms and Common Policies of The European Union, M. Fefes, 7th Semester - 4 ECTS
E-Learning and Distance Learning, A. Jimoyiannis, 7th Semester - 4 ECTS
Sociological Studies in Education Policy, A. Tsatsaroni, 7th Semester - 4 ECTS
Management of Educational Innovations, G. Bagakis, 8th Semester - 4 ECTS
English for Academic Purposes ΙΙ, A. Spyropoulou, 4th Semester - 3 ECTS

As of the academic year 2015-16 incoming Erasmus Student may also opt for a Research Project  (5 ECTS) or Independent Study  (5 ECTS), on subjects taught in the Faculty in the Greek language.


ECTS Grading Scale:

ECTS Grade

Greek Grade



outstanding performance with only minor errors
above the average standard but with some errors
C 8 GOOD generally sound work with a number of notable errors
D 6, 7 SATISFACTORY fair but with significant shortcomings
E 5 SUFFICIENT performance meets the minimum criteria
FX 4 FAIL some more work required before the credit can be awarded
F 1 ÷ 3 FAIL considerable further work is required


ECTS credits:

one semester one full academic year
30 ECTS credits
60 ECTS credits